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Body-Mind Morphing Coaching

Private Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Coaching Available for Men and Women

Celebrate the Lightness of Your Body & Being!

Would you love to be in the best shape of your life?

Kutira invites you to experience her revolutionary Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Program that transforms, rejuvenates and reshapes you on every level, connects you to your inner wisdom and reveals your most vibrant beautiful and powerful self.

Are you ready to feel amazing on every level and be in the best shape of your life?  Join our BMM Circle today! Wherever you are in the world we are online and are ready to talk with you!

Whether you live in America, Australia, Europe, China, Russia, etc…. our incredible community of BMM coaches are ready to support you and provide you with your very own personalized Body-Mind Morphing HCG Pogram (BMM Program). We want you to succeed and live the life of your dreams!

What do we need from you?

Your willingness and commitment to read the book thoroughly and fully participate in the 21 Day Body-Mind Morphing Program.

 What package would suit you best?

Plumeria Package – $380

  • “The Lightness of Body and Being” book by Kutira
  • 30 HCG tablets (quantity 1)
  • Download of “Pounds & Inches” by Dr. Siemons, the original HCG program.

Hibiscus Package – $950

  • “The Lightness of Body and Being” by Kutira
  • 30 HCG tablets (quantity 1)
  • Download of “Pounds & Inches” by Dr. Siemons, the original HCG program
  • 6 weeks of personal BMM coaching via phone call or Skype (1/2 hour a week)

Night Blooming Jasmine Package – $1095

  • “The Lightness of Body and Being” by Kutira
  • 30 HCG tablets (quantity 1)
  • Download of “Pounds & Inches” by Dr. Siemons, the original HCG program
  • 6 weeks of personal BMM coaching via phone call or Skype (1/2 hour a week)
  • 6 DVD set of Essential Cuisine by Chef Teton
  • measuring O-Tape

Small Pearls of Siam (A La Carte)

  • Skype or phone Sessions with with a certified BMM coach $75/half hour, $150 hour (Private Coaching by Kutira (author of BMM) please contact
  • 30 HCG tablets $330
  • The Lightness of Body and Being $45
  • O-Tape measuring tape $15

(shipping and handling of the above items are an additional charge depending on your location) For an additional $65 you can order 40 tablets if you have a need to extend the program to 40 days.

Gift yourself with a personalized introductory session for one hour for $75, This is a special introductory price (half of Kutira’s normally hourly fee) with the purchase of the book or a download. In this session we prepare you on how to follow the protocol step by step and make sure you feel comfortable and ready to start with confidence and thorough understanding.

You also can book anytime with our office additional private counseling sessions if you have not opted for one of the above offerings.

“Congratulations on saying ‘YES’ to a healthy, vibrant, empowered and sexy you! We are really excited about sharing your journey with you.”

Remember – >We are dedicated 100% to your success, and are committed to coaching you and staying connected with you for the entire journey. Loosing the weight is the easy part, it’s the long term life style changes that keep it off, and transform your life forever. Join us on this exciting adventure to truly discovering the “Lightness of Your Body & Being.”

P.S. We recommend people who would like to reduce their weight more than 30 pounds to do this journey in two rounds. After the first 30 pounds are reduced you will stabilize your weight for 3 to 6 month and then continue if you wish. We also have a one or two week preparatory cleanse program available for clients who are over 200 pounds. This is optional and the information is included in the e-book you receive. The second round  is offered at a reduced cost. Having a coach can make the difference to reach your goal in optimum time and receiving the best support for a live changing transitions. You are worth to invest in yourself. You health is your wealth.

Body Mind-Morphing HCG Coaching

We suggest an email check in every week with details of your progress and we’ll provide personal feedback, handy tips and supportive guidelines to keep you on track. Once a week we also set a Skype call time to check in person to person for about 30 minutes. Your certified BMM-Coach is ready to answer all of your questions via  email when ever needed. If your needs are not covered by these resources, we will talk with you and identify what we can do to be there for you. We want you to succeed.

If you would like to be personally coached by the Author of the fantastic HCG-BMM program, please send a request to We will get back to you with Kutira’s separate coaching fees and availability. In addition to our certified BMM-Coaches, we have many wonderful students still currently in the midst of their  certification process. These emerging skilled and well trained BMM coaches will soon be offering their services. Please check back for updates on their progress!