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‘Through brilliant wisdom and stunning photographs, Kutira’s book, The Lightness of Body and Being, shows how to bring your body into a state of balance and harmony. She shows how to successfully use HCG to reboot your physiology so you can feel at peace in your own skin. Kutira offers a myriad of delicious recipes for while you are on the HCG protocol, and recipes to stabilize your weight and sustain true health for after.  In the ebook, videos add a whole other dimension of showing how to prepare and nourish yourself in a way that is quick, fun and easy.

A healthy relationship to our body is foundational to enjoying life, period. And our body is but a reflection of a larger issue; our relationship to the earth. Here is where Kutira really takes off. She shows dozens of ways we can become more aware of our inter-connectedeness to soil, water, seeds, plants, animals, building materials, and to one another. Nor does Kutira stop here. She opens our eyes to the spiritual connection that lives in our hearts, and to the importance of community in which we can be ourselves and support one another. Kutira clearly shows how we can have a beautiful, nourishing, fun and loving connection to all aspects of life, beginning with the home we live in, our very own body.’

~ Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of Romancing The Beloved and Sage Advice.

“This is the easiest and most effective experience I have ever had in reducing my weight. The results are immediate, which helps inspire the discipline to eat only what is appropriate. In the past, I have done a similar diet with no results, which ends up in failure. Normally without the hormones and the very specific instructions of this protocol, it takes a while for a low calorie diet to take effect, and one loses motivation as there is no progress in a week or more of dieting. This is so different as I’m seeing immediate results. I LOVE it! “

~ Penny Livingston-Stark, Permaculture Teacher and Founder of RDI, Regenerative Design Institute

“ I am so excited about the success of this program. With the loving support of Kutira, her staff and my fellow body shaper I FEEL SEXIER, taller and thinner that I EVER felt in my life and I am motivated to keep this healthy lifestyle long after the program ends. If you are ready to sculpt your mind, body and soul I encourage you to commit to this program and meet your new intimate self.”

~ Patricia Sampson, Spokekane WA

“After trying everything in the book to lose weight I was fortunate enough to bump into Kutira. She introduced me to The Body-Morphing Program’. This passionate, persistent but very loving woman lives and breathes this lifestyle. Her guidance makes it so easy to shape shift yourself on every level. Her spiritual presence, her psychological insights, her love, health and tons of knowledge that she has gained over the years is crucial in this transformation. There is no escaping and she brings out the best in yourself. You will be the more beautiful and healthier than ever. It gave me spiritual, mental, emotional and physical oneness as never before. I came home to myself. Do this!!!”

~ Martine Flores, Brussel, Belgium

“Dear Kutira, You are an angel sent from Heaven. I will be eternally grateful to you for being the spark that jump started me on the path to self-love and self-care.  Blessings, xox Eme”

~Eme Lecavalier

“I have known Kutira since the late 1980’s as a good friend and respected colleague.  I recently completed her ‘Body-Mind Morphing’ program and was totally amazed, surprised and impressed!  I lost 27 pounds, hit my target, and am now stabilized at that weight after the 21 day maintenance program.  Over the years, I have tried many food regimens and diets, as well as uncountable ‘cleanses’.  None had any effect on my weight.  And this was actually easy!  Her research, personal support and wise council have made it really easy.  I recommend Kutira’s ‘Body-Mind Morphing’  to anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off….and for so many possible reasons: health, psychological, spiritual; and all to create feeling so much better about yourself.”
~ Daniel Giamario  founder and executive director of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

“Working with Kutira has been one of the greatest things that has happened to me in my recent years.    And it was total serendipity that led me to her.    I was in New York near where I live and just happened to recognize (from my TV knowledge)  someone at a bus stop where I was waiting for a bus…..it was Dr. Christiane Northrup, noted author of such great books about women and their lives….and there she was.   We talked and had an immediate connection, and she told me about Kutira and her work.   I called Kutira the next day and was so excited about being able to embark upon a diet with a teacher  to guide me.    I have been fighting the same 25 pounds since my two children were born in the 1980’s, and this battle has gone on too long.   The body-mind-morphing approach seemed just right for me, and I enlisted enthusiastically, and it has been just as simple and rewarding as Dr. Northrup said that it would be.    The diet is simple, I was not hungry, and I had the great pleasure and life experience of getting to know Kutira, who guided me every step of the way in our weekly conversations on line.   I lost most of that 25 pounds, and I am starting Phase II in early February so that I can complete my goal.   This has changed my life, and I am so glad that I went to take that bus!”

“Kutira’s book is one of the most effective single resources for personal change and transformation I have encountered in ages.”

~Anahata Graceland, Poet, Washington

Making a commitment to transforming my body and eating habits was well worth it. I lost 24 pounds in 30 days with the Body-Mind Morphing HCG Program! Kutira was very supportive and helpful and the book made it much easier. I watched inches fall away in a short amount of time and couldn’t believe when I lost about 1 pound a day. Most of the time, I didn’t feel very hungry and I knew the discipline was well worth it. I highly recommend the Body-Mind Morphing Program.

~Bryony Smith

“I feel fantastic 4 months after having done the diet and have not gained one pound back! How so?  I live a healthier lifestyle by making wiser choices and have fun all along!   What a great adventure this HCG program has been!”

~Patricia Genoud, Meditation Teacher

Being post-menopausal, just eating healthy & exercising weren’t enough! I had 20 very stubborn pounds that I’ve tried to loss for the past three years. With Kutira’s inspired guidance, beautiful and lovingly created book, and (of course) the HCG drops; the pounds melted off in just a matter of days (34 to be exact). Twenty pounds in 34 days! Many months later they are still gone. I’m enjoying many new delicious raw recipes from her book, feeling fabulous, and can wear all of my “skinny” clothes again plus some new sassy outfits. I encourage all my friends and clients, who want to be healthier and lighter in “body and being,” to try this remarkably successful and easy to follow weight loss program.

~Ilana Fernandez, Psy.D., author of “Fit for a Goddess”