The Essential Cuisine Culinary Practice
I am very delighted to introduce you to one of my very good girlfriends Susan Campell (also knows as Chef Teton).
Susan has always been a keen advisory of the earth and healthy food is in her blood. I still remember her contributed 20 years ago of bringing apples to the schools for healthy kids snacks. Now I am so excited to know that she is equally dedicated to supporting you to balance your weight and empower your choices by teaching you how to make the most nutrition breakfast, lunch and dinners.

I highly recommend her DVD’s series – The Essential Cuisine Culinary Practice, (8 hours of running time). You will discover artisan oils, mineral-rich foods, luscious desserts, excellent salt, and digestive enhancements paired by luscious wine made from organically grown grapes. The Essential Cuisine Culinary Practice is for beginners and professional chefs alike. This is the best way to get a head start into manifesting the new YOU and learning how to use the “right” fats, (low glycemic) and gluten-free foods for abundant health and weight loss. This will put vitality and longevity into your life forever!

You can order this DVD series in our office for only $60 plus shipping. We accept credit cards.
Call us at 808 572 6006 or send an email at:info@bodymindmorphing.com

For the women who strive for a long and healthy life, Chef Teton also offers an integrated opportunity to experience the Golden Elixir in life. Nourishing our bodies and the Earth equally is the path to vibrant longevity.

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