Sue’s Story

For so many years I have managed a chronic depression and have successfully overcome the daily feelings of helplessness and hopelessness by taking a cocktail of prescribed medications. But with my success I gained about 15 pounds of unwanted weight. Bound and determined to lose this excess weight, around four years ago, I began an intensive workout schedule that included hiking, rock climbing and 30-mile bike rides. At 57, I was not going to give up and lean back into the mindset that allows “a little extra at your age won’t hurt you”. After taking care to look and feel good through the years, the meds were not going to get the best of me.

After three years working with a trainer three times a week, I had not lost one pound.  I was bloated and it was as if the pounds were glued onto my middle section. Adjusting my eating habits, calories and taking a prescribed diet medication didn’t change anything for me. Even my trainer was astounded!

My girlfriend met Christiane Northrup at a jitney stop in the Hamptons. She looked great and my friend told her so. Fate! She suggested that we contact Kutira to work as our HCG coach and support. We phoned and Skyped her and we were in the protocol within two weeks and losing weight.

After 23 days, I went from 138 pounds to 121 pounds.  I am now in the Phase 3 part of the HCG protocol. Of course I am worried that the pounds will creep back on because of the medications, but I now know that I can take some control over this and will occasionally need support from Kutira to help me keep the weight off for good.  Would I recommend the HCG program? Absolutely! Without the frustration, hunger and disappointment, I know I have become more empowered about my weight. Thanks everybody at Body-Mind Morphing.  My 62nd birthday was a true celebration!

Sue Kueff, Artist, Washington, DC