Michele’s Story

Hello, My name is Michele and I came to this program because it was recommended by a friend of Dr. Christiane Northrup.

I am now writing after having finished a month on the HCG Program and having great results :).  I am here to give you an idea of what this program is like for someone who is in the thick of it.  No BS, just the truth.  Nothing but the truth.

When I started a month ago, I had really started two weeks before, cleaning up my diet with a pre-cleanse.  This made it easier for me once I went to the 500 cal/day part.  I was so excited!!  I wasn’t sure how this was going to work compared to everything else I had tried in my life, but when you are at your wits end, anything (as long as it is reasonable) is fair game.

In the first 5 days I lost a little over 10 lbs.  Whoa.

Here is where things get interesting.  I knew I had to travel for much of the month of October which can be a problem.  I was determined.  I did not cheat once for the first 28 days while on the drops and that is a fact.  I’m proud of that.  I did find that while traveling I did not eliminate which did not help the scale to go down.  I was warned about traveling making it harder for me.  Being in seminars all day- with no real exercise- it was tough.  And I’m a person that thrives on movement.

Towards the end of the month I was counting down the days until I could have olive oil in my salad dressing, avocados, nuts- healthy fats.  I was also craving more movement.  This was a really good sign because I had such a hard time in the recent past with walking/hiking/exercise.  Getting motivated was hard but my body just could not sustain my weight anymore and I could feel it.

I’ve been off of the drops for about a week and I did gain about 3 lbs.  I was not so careful with what I ate.  What I’m going to tell you next is what I found to be the most important thing I learned from this whole experience.

I did a lot of emotional work over the past 2 years and I still got triggered on this path.

It was Day 22.  I’m in a seminar and its all coming at me- my old beliefs about myself: “I’m not smart enough, I’m not supposed to be here with all of these brilliant successful people….I’m just not good enough.  Period.”  The negative chatter came back and there was no sugar, fat, anything except me that could break this habitual pattern.  I mean, I could’ve gone and had something crappy to eat, I just knew it was not going to solve my problem.  Step 1 to freedom.

At lunch time that day I went back to my room to eat lunch alone and I wanted to cry so badly and just give up and feel sorry for myself.  I couldn’t physically do it.  I sat there in total silence.  I let my mind try and pull out all of the stops.  This is the first time I truly surrendered, I didn’t fight myself .  I just said, “okay.”

What does that even mean?!??  “okay?!??”

I saw my habitual pattern so clearly and surrendered to it.  I came back to the seminar after my time alone and wanted a dry run at letting go of these old beliefs that no longer serve me.

It was amazing.  Not perfect, amazing.

I made this choice to let go of garbage that was so toxic to my spirit, let alone my body and mind.  We were doing an exercise writing copy.  Normally I wouldn’t even dare to think that I had anything to offer.  This time I stepped out of that belief and felt that the worst thing that could happen is my group says “no” to whatever it is I have to say and I choose how I want to handle that.

I didn’t have the biggest part in the group, but this time I was part of the group.  Quite a few of my suggestions were used and we (as a group) got 2nd place out of 70 groups!!  It was so cool to make a choice and have it turn around that quickly for me to see the benefit of that choice.  Amazing.

I know that this program has facilitated even more personal growth for me because I no longer had an “out” with food that made me feel bad/sick and made me feel even worse about myself as a person.  It showed me that I always have a choice.  This program is so much more about the mind than the body.  Changing your state will give you the side effect of weight loss.  Of course the drops help with the success, but if you don’t change your state/beliefs/patterns the weight will come back- possibly even more than before.  Its worth it to let go of the ego to live- healthy, vibrant… beautifully.

I lost 26 lbs on the HCG program in a month.  I also recently moved in August and since the move (including the HCG program) I’ve lost a total of 30 lbs.

My body and mind are thanking me every day :).