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I have been one of those women who never knew what to eat. I always tended toward being  a bit overweight, although my diet was always pretty healthy. I ate organically; whole grains, healthy meats, and vegetables and fruits.  I was always experimenting with different foods, different food orientations and diets. In my 30’s and 40’s I juice fasted for cleansing and weight-loss, and did things like the Master Cleanse (many days on maple syrup and cayenne pepper and lemon juice!). I have been vegetarian, although not for long, I have experimented with macrobiotics, I have tried the no-fat trend, the high-fat & protein trend, and for 6 months I went raw. All of these ways of eating taught me something important about food and eating. I am an experimenter, and as long as it sounded like I might get healthier and leaner, I would try it! I have used lots of different kinds of supplements, some more successfully than others.

My real downfall has always been sugar. I have always had a sweet tooth, I love sugary desserts, fruit, and frankly, I would never want to live without chocolate! I have often said I could actually be a fruitarian, as I could live just on fruit. I had an opportunity to do that pretty much when I lived on Maui, and I enjoyed lots of delicious tropical fruits. What I could never be is a breatharian! I love food too much, and I have always been one of those people who borders on living to eat rather than eating to live. I find delicious ways to eat healthy, even if it has not always been reflected in a really healthy weight. When I traveled more extensively than I do now facilitating priestess circles, I would over-indulge at the lavish potluck feasts of my circles. And invariably, there were always plenty of sweets. I used food to medicate the stress of travel. By some standards you could say I am a food addict, although  I have never sought treatment for this, because my quest has been to find the right way to eat FOR ME, and what I have seen as treatment for food addiction does not fit my idea of healthy for me. I refuse to measure and weight my food for the rest of my life, report to a sponsor and attend meetings where I confess my sins. 12-Step approaches have never appealed to me, although I totally recognize that many people really benefit from this approach to their food issues.

I also work almost exclusively with women, and I have witnessed the incredible suffering all of us have done when it comes to food, eating, health and body image. We have so many stories and so much shame. This affects our relationships and whether or not we even feel we deserve or can have a relationship because of the way we look or do not look.  It affects our sexuality and sensuality, our passion for our life and our purpose, and our magnetism. Women truly find themselves in a real predicament when it comes to body image, and as my husband Gary says, well, men do too! I believe that what many of us want is for our bodies and our health to energetically match the lightness of body and being that Kutira speaks about in her book.  One of the paths to finding that energetic match is the Body~Mind Morphing Program.

When menopause hit in my mid-50s, and my health and hormones had been compromised by a large fibroid and then a hysterectomy, the weight would just not come off any longer, and stay off.  I was diagnosed with pretty wacky hormones and insulin-resistance, which meant I was pre-diabetic. Other health issues also began to creep in, and I felt that my usual youthful energy and appearance was fading away.  In my travels I connected with friends who had done Kutira’s Mind~Body Morphing program using her coaching and the HcG hormone, and asked my chiropractor to find me a healthy version of HcG, feeling that I really needed to do the homeopathic  formula if I was able to do it all. She talked to her own mentor who is a hormone specialist, and indeed, this practitioner was starting to use HcG with her own patients!  I read Kevin Trudeau’s book on HcG: The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, and off I went on my first experience with HcG. The weight came off very slowly even though I was religious with the diet, and I was discouraged at having to work so hard. I even extended the round to 50 days, which is not advised. After the 50 days was over, I took Kevin at his word that my Hypothalmus was re-set, ate normally again, and the weight came right back on, not as much this time, but I was even more discouraged.


Last summer I took a trip to Maui and the Big Island with my husband Gary to be with my Shamanic Astrology tribe, and witness the Venus Transit over the face of the sun, a rare and auspicious event heralding the Solar Feminine’s return to earth. While on Maui, I had a visit with my old friend Kutira. Kutira was having conversations at that time with Dr. Christiana Northrup about her book that was soon to be released. As we talked about the book, HcG, her unique approach to the weight-loss journey, I had a strong intuition that Body~Mind Morphing Coaching might be in my future.

I returned home with a book, and some of the wonderful HcG tablets that are taken only once a day. I have since done the program, and lost 22 pounds. I love the book and go back to it regularly for inspiration in my current weight stabilization phase (Phase 4 in The BMM Program). Every day I eat deliciously well, and am never left feeling deprived or wondering if I ate the wrong foods. My intuition about the right foods for me is well-honed by this time. I feel that I can finally say I know what to eat, and even though it’s not perfect, my relationship between my body and my food is growing into a harmonious union, instead of a battle!

I have always had a passion for food and for health. In the last several months, I have learned even more about what works for me and I believe that every  body has its own unique food needs and preferences. There is also universal  knowledge that we now have about food that can guide us, including the fabulous information in Kutira’s book. Now I can say that the search for a healthy food plan is an adventure rather than a dilemma. I enjoy the quest, and the discoveries I make every day.  I experiment constantly with new recipes, treating myself and my husband to new tastes, and creative ways of getting in the important nutrients we need to continue aging gracefully. I look forward to assisting more women to come into a healthy relationship between food and their own bodies!



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