Organic Energy Crackers (3 packages for $12 plus shipping)
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You may wonder how those Kahua Energy Crackers got developed and how you can make them too:

Kahua Energy Crackers help you gather and maintain energy for the life of your choice. They are made with clean well water soaked or sprouted with fine ingredients and glorious music. These crackers will help you to vibrate at the speed you need to accomplish your dreams.

The above text is on the label and here is the story:

The Kahua Energy Cracker recipes were inspired after I finished my first 30 day protocol. I was wondering what could be as good as a piece of bread, that is crunchy and nurtures my desire or habit for wheat products. Although I realized that the wheat and gluten products were no longer serving my vibrant energy and I was in desperate need to find alternative solutions to change to keep my weight in balance and my taste buds satisfied as well.

Luckily my friend Ben, who has worked in our community for many years and is a Raw Chef at one of our most delicious organic shops in Maui, started me on the “cracker journey”. He gave me the first simple recipes for a basic flax seed cracker and from there, I went to town. I created savory ones, sweet ones and even the hottest spicy one. I love spicy and sweet. I came up with so many delicious recipes and soon was “hooked” on healthy crackers. As for my desire to have a piece of bread, Yeah… I created a gluten and wheat free alternative that rocks and is much better for my body and my digestion, and keeps my energy levels up whilst allowing me to maintain my balanced weight.

Then my friends in Washington, the Transmutation Nation Community, offered me the use of their fabulous kitchen. Sebastian is a trained bread baker and pastry chef from Switzerland. Sebastian knows how to make the best sweets and with Swiss precision. We hit it off and soon he was learning some of my recipes. The community is making each cracker by hand with lots of love, and the highest intention.

All Kahua Energy Crackers ingredients are dried under 105 degrees with brown and golden flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, Celtic salt and spices or fruits and nuts.

In my book you will learn how to make these delicious crackers. However if you want to taste some now, you can order them by sending us an email at: We will forward your order to the Transmutation Nation Kitchen. We will soon have an online shop where you can buy them directly.

We also envision that these healthy crackers will make it into your health food shop soon as well!… and my highest intention is to teach you how YOU can make them yourself and learn to create new food favorites that keep you in your lightness of being.

Enjoy “going crackers”!

P.S. many of those recipes are in the book “The Lightness of Body and Being”