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Bamboo Boom

It took six years and several drawings/prototypes for Truss-Me—a collection of bamboo furniture—to achieve the finesse it has today. In 2008, Bangalore-based designer Sandeep Sangaru created a set of light but strong chairs, tables and bookshelves using split bamboo poles … Continue reading

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Australian & Bali Book Tour 2012

Hello all 🙂 I had a pleasure working this past weekend creating a video for you to watch. I am coming to Australia and Bali! I will see you all very soon. Watch the video and comment below, and please … Continue reading

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The Lightness of Body and Being

All the blessings of life – from material wealth to relationships – are dependent upon our health.  The body is our point of pleasure, our tangible connection to the outer world, and that which sustains us so that we can … Continue reading

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Today’s Revelation

Today is my 6th day of morphing through self love! So far my body has released 7.4lbs and a huge pile of paper from all the binders and files I’ve been sorting through and purging over the past few days. … Continue reading

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Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Programs Welcome to the possibility of thinking yourself thin! Would you like to know how the Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Program was created? This is the Transformational Program of the 21st Century called HCG with the additional new information on … Continue reading

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