Today’s Revelation

Today is my 6th day of morphing through self love! So far my body has released 7.4lbs and a huge pile of paper from all the binders and files I’ve been sorting through and purging over the past few days. I feel compelled to let go of so much more than the old fat! When I ask myself, why didn’t I set up a more effective filing system decades ago? I realize that I actually didn’t know how. No one had ever shown me how to do it until recently.  Just as I have never fully learned how to prepare and cook food for myself properly, as this was an area that my Mom struggled with, Kutira is showing me how. This is a missing piece of personal development I didn’t know I needed until she began showing me how to prepare some foods in her kitchen during our Skype session.  

I also remember feeling like it took too much extra time to file things and the same for preparing food.  I now see there are false beliefs lurking in my subconscious that need to morph just as much as my body and I can name them:

There is not enough time to take care of my needs because MY NEEDS DON’T MATTER.

Transformation will be a complete embodiment of the truth that  MY NEEDS MATTER. I MATTER! Because I matter, taking time to do whatever it is that creates health and happiness for me is good.  This is today’s body mind morph revelation!

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