Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Programs

Welcome to the possibility of thinking yourself thin!

Would you like to know how the Body-Mind-Morphing HCG Program was created?

This is the Transformational Program of the 21st Century called HCG with the additional new information on Body Mind Morphing!

The HCG program was originally founded by Dr. Simeons in 1954, then introduced to the world by famous European Plastic Surgeon, Trudy Vogt. M.D.,  in 1960. Dr. Vogt administered this program to thousands of patients who were obese, over weight, or simply wanted to lose a few pounds. With the long term European success, one special student of hers, Daniel Belucci, created oral HCG drops and introduced this unique program to the United States. It was only a few years ago when Kevin Trudeau made it even more popular to western civilization by writing about it in his book ‘Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”.

Dr. Vogt has used this program exclusively for over 40 years. Her daughter, Manuela Christener, a long-term friend of Kutira’s, introduced her mother to Kutira, and together guided her journey to lose 20 pounds with the HCG program.  Manuela has 30 years experience administering the protocol, and helped her mother in the prominent Bellvue Clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, for many years, before settling in Maui, Hawaii.

Kutira realized after she lost her first 20 pounds that her real challenge started with maintaining the weight loss. During the past year, she developed a complimentary system called “Body-Mind-Morphing”, and successfully lost an additional 20 pounds. Her health-supporting recipes, combined with a moderate physical workout and spiritual practices, brings her teaching of Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability to a long-lasting invitation to celebrate the body and mind as one.  She is very thankful she had the honor to be taught and guided by Dr. Vogt who just recently passed away.   It was her wish to bring this protocol to more people so they can enjoy their natural “Lightness of Being”.

Both Kutira and Manuela are ready to take you into the most transformational period of your life.

This 21 day retreat includes guest therapists and former body-mind-morphers to guide you through the most powerful days of re-shaping your body and creating the new YOU.  It is with loving guidance and support that we will check in with you, listen to your needs, and share in your excitement as the inches literally melt away. This is a crucial part of our service as we re-define our beliefs about what we want and what we “think” we need. This is also a wonderful time to learn a new way of delicious cooking. Our menus and hands-on support team will guide you through the flavorful recipes that empower you to create satisfying meals you will continue making long after the protocol is complete.

Tipping Points: As in every lifestyle change, there will be triggers or tipping points where you need a little extra support. It is a fact that without support from someone who has experienced the body-morphing program, the success rate is less than desired. This is why we are committed to stick with you, to listen to your needs, and your address your questions. We have tried and tested every part of the protocol, and we personally know how to lead you to achieve the success you are looking for.

Your success is our success, and we can’t wait to meet the new, beautiful, vibrant you!

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