Raphael ~ his music can be described as essential, intuitive and spiritual, while at the same time physical and an earthly-Pan incarnate. His mother was a powerful psychic similar to Edgar Cayce; his father, an elegant ragtime piano player.

Raphael has a unique talent for teaching deep and profound eastern and western techniques in a simple, clear and common sense way. (He was born and raised in Oklahoma and is proud of it.) It has been his experience that when these teachings are empowered with the heart, they become miraculous. He also has a talent for bringing people to deep states of enlightenment in a fun and pleasurable way.

He is well known for his private sessions for singles and couples which may include “psychic readings set to music”, teaching men the art of using Taoist practices for strengthening the immune system, healing and balancing relationships or exploring the art of time travel. For ten years, Raphael was a musician at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, studying with and creating music for leading, alternative innovators like Milton Trager, Dr. John C. Lilly, Gabrielle Roth (for 12 years), Alan Cohen and Dr. Emmett Miller. He is a much sought after visionary musician who always performs with a deep attitude of service.

Raphael’s Music To Disappear In (Volumes I and II), on the Hearts Of Space label, is known worldwide as a premier evocation of the new alternative healing movement.

“The way something is taught is as important as what is taught. If the teaching and experience is clear and simple, you’re set for life.” ~ Raphael