Kutira Decosterd was born and raised in Switzerland. She traveled at the age of 21 to India and Nepal, where she studied with yoga and tantra masters. In the West she explored cutting edge psychology and combined the teaching of East and West into a teaching called Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability. Her strong background in meditation, breath work, NLP, Hakomi (Body-centered psychotherapy), Bioenergetics, non-violent communication (NVC) has made her an internationally known and accomplished teacher and seminar leader.

Kutira is also a certified Permaculture designer and passionate explorer of creating healthy and yummy food for body and soul. Together with her husband Raphael she created the greenest spot on Maui, a beautiful retreat center based on sustainability and spiritual guide lines that honors the earth and lets anybody who visit, experience the healing power of Mother Nature. Students from all over the world contribute to the ever expanding vision of creating heaven on earth.

Kutira is also well known throughout the alternative healing movement as a master of ritual. There is a certain “specialness” that occurs when she officiates weddings, performs land blessings, pujas, concerts, and leads retreats. She has a natural talent for bringing an expansive field of love into any space she facilitates so that everybody can relax and feel safely held within a circle of love.