Joan Heartfield, PhD.

Joan Heartfield, Ph.D. is the former director of the Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute where the sacred teachings of Tantra, Tao and Spiritual Psychology are woven together into a complete curriculum that provides powerful support for illuminated understanding.  A counselor, writer, and guide for over 25 years, Joan is passionate about empowering women and men in deep intimacy, sacred sexuality, compassionate communication and radiant health. She and her husband Tomas facilitate workshops and retreats, as well as offer personal counseling sessions. Visit their website, Talking Hearts to learn more. Her book, Romancing The Beloved, A Sacred Sexual Adventure Into Love, is available at your favorite book retailer.

“How we feel about, think about and treat our bodies is reflected in our aliveness. The deeper the respect, love and appreciation we have for every part, every organ, every cell of our body, the more alive and happy we feel.” ~ Joan