April 2012

Kutira shares her weight loss journey into the Lightness of Body and Being. Her just released new book.

For most of her life she was overweight, and the yo-yo effect was a constant part of her life. In the   spring of 2008, her back went out and she was in excruciating pain for two weeks. This was the “wake-up call” that prompted her to begin to pay attention to her body.  She discovered the HGC protocol based on the work of A.T.W. Simeons, M.D., and Trudy Vogt, M.D., and lost her first 20 pounds.

Kutira realized after she lost the weight that her real challenge would be maintaining her new body weight. During the past year, she developed a complimentary system, to the HGC Protocol, called “Body-Mind-Morphing“, and successfully lost an additional 20 pounds.  She created health-supporting recipes,  designed easy physical workouts in the form of “loving-me” time and added spiritual practices that supported the foundation of establishing a successful relationship with the body and mind.  Weaving all of her skills and insights she acquired during her own journey, her teachings of Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability gained a whole new level.  She is very thankful that she had the honor to be taught and guided by Dr. Vogt, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 86, and her daughter Manuela Christener.  In creating the Body-Mind-Morphing Program she added to the existing  HCG Protocol based on  Dr. Siemon’s work. Designing a powerful way to support anybody who is ready to live their lives in a more vibrant, balanced way using 21st Century, cutting edge knowledge of reversing the aging process.

“When you find the right path,
and you keep going towards what feels good, nothing can stop you.
Going backwards in not an option.”
– Kutira Decosterd

Kutira 2001

Kutira 2010

“Finally I have arrived home in my body, my sacred temple. I have always known that it is sacred… it was just challenging to find the right time, the right path, and the motivation to even embark on this home-bound journey. And it can be done. When I started traveling inward, towards myself, every cell and thought in my being lined up, and I experienced a true sense of wholeness. To heal is to make whole.”



The first picture is Kutira before. The second picture is Kutira 20 lbs lighter, and the third is Kutira 40 lbs lighter!