Australian & Bali Book Tour 2012

Hello all :) I had a pleasure working this past weekend creating a video for you to watch. I am coming to Australia and Bali! I will see you all very soon. Watch the video and comment below, and please share this with your friends in Australia and Bali.

3 Responses to Australian & Bali Book Tour 2012

  1. Betty Dodson says:

    Congratulations on publishing your new book that is always a labor of love. You look beautiful and happy in your video.


  2. Dearest Kutira, CONGRATULATIONS, another ‘labor of love’ accomplished, keep dreaming and living bold. You and Raphael a modern angelic couple; loving each other, being one’s own pillar, looking the same direction/supporting the same cause. BIG HUG for both, Elisa

  3. Glenn Adams says:

    Dearest Kutira, Congratulations, your E book is an amazing example of how technology can help support our evolution into healthy living. It is so wonderful how the book is an interactive book that also has the perfect balance of photo’s and tutorial video’s as well. The knowledge packed in this book is so important I can’t wait to recommend it to all my friends and family.

    Sending Love from Bali to you and Raphael
    Gaia Retreat Center Bali

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